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The Core Confidence Training (CCT) has been our Signature Program for Dating Success Since 2013. On this 3 Day Live Immersion Training we've been teaching hundreds of men the Knowledge, Mindset & Skill to be successful with the women they desire.

The Core Confidence Training™ takes small groups of men through a transformational journey. In the 3 Days of this Immersion Training you will totally change your mindset around dating & confidence, develop the skill to meet women anytime anywhere, and create the Romantic Abundance that you want in your life.

What you learn in the Core Confidence Training?

1. Dating Confidence

Most men do NOT feel confident around beautiful women. The problem: How you think and feel on the inside determines how you will appear on the outside. The Core Confidence Training will teach you to feel confident in any dating & social situation.

2. Approach Freedom

The skill to start interesting conversations anytime anywhere is the fastest way to meet amazing women. Once you know how to do it, attracting women becomes easy and fun. This is a main focus of the Core Confidence Training.

3. Charismatic Vibe

Studies found that 93% of a man’s magnetism comes from his VIBE, and only 7% from his words. At the Core Confidence Training you will learn in detail why age and looks don't matter, and how to develop an authentic masculine vibe.

4. Banter & Flirting

Men in high demand have the skill to capture a woman's attention by having fun and original conversations. At the Core Confidence Training you will learn how to be more flirtatious and never run out of things to say.

5. Romantic Abundance

Men with an abundance mindset take action on what they desire, and expect great results. At the Core Confidence Training you will learn how to be more proactive and how to manifest the dating life you want.

5 Minute Instant Date Routine

One of our students getting 3 phone numbers in a row within less than an hour. The 5 minute instant date routine leads you through a process  where you get a date or her phone number only 5 minutes after you approach her. 

Core Confidence Training Package

What do you get when you jump on board?

✅ A Three Day Live Immersion Trining (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney)

In this 3 days you will learn everything you need to know about women, dating and starting a romantic relationship. On Day 1 we focus on the mindset and learn how to have smooth conversations while feeling calm and confident. Day 2 we go out into the real world and the magic starts to happen. After some easy warmup exercises get you into a calm and confident state we do Day Game and Night game. The goal is to get instant dates, phone numbers or event take the girl home the same day. The sky is the limit.

✅ Home Study Course

The Home Study Course of the Core Confidence Training is the perfect preparation for the Live Course. You go through the 10 hours of online video training at your own convenience and watch it over and over again even after the Immersion Training is over. This online course does not only cover or 5 core topics Confidence Mindset, Approach Freedom, Charismatic Vibe, Banter & Flirting, but will also give you home work to do so you learn by taking action.

✅ Access to a Secret Facebook Group 

This secret FB group is only for clients of Core Confidence Academy. Here you will not only connect to like-minded guys doing the same training as you, but also our advanced students in the Limitless program. This is the perfect opportunity to make friends and find partners to go out with. Together its so much more easy and fun.

✅ Infield Pickup Videos

Seeing is believing. One of the best ways to learn how to have smooth interactions is to watch Infield videos, i.e. recordings of us approaching women on the street and getting instant dates or numbers. You will be able to hear the conversation with the girl and learn how to escalate and overcome obstacles in only 5 minutes or less.

✅ Questions & Answers

Throughout your membership in the Secret FB Group you can call us and ask as many questions as you want, whether you need advice for a date or chose the best pictures for your Tinder profile. Often we shoot a short video for you and post it in the secret group so that the other students can learn from it as well. Hence, there are many pre-existing videos with questions asked in the past to go through at your own convenience.

Feedback after each conversation 

When we go out on Infield Day (Day 2) one of our coaches will be with you, listening to your conversations and give you immediate feedback what you did well and how you can do even better in the next conversation. This is by far the fastest way to get your first instant date.



The regular price of the 3 Day Core Confidence Training and all the Bonuses described above is $3950 AUD. Just click the Buy Now button on the right to get your payment processed with PayPal or credit card.


On occasions we offer Fast Incentive Offers, i.e. massively reduced concession prices and payment plans for men who are highly committed to success. To find out more about or special offers...